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Procurement and Supply Chain

Value Chain Support

Aquilon Consulting offers a variety of Procurement and Supply Chain Services throughout the entire life cycle of renewable projects or assets, from the initial planning stages to manufacturing, construction, operation, repowering, and decommissioning, serving component suppliers, turbine manufacturers, and owners.


We operate as a "one-stop-shop" for our clients in supplier management, coordinating activities related to engineering, procurement, logistics, and quality control. With an extensive list of qualified suppliers working in coordination with our team, we offer the most suitable solution in any circumstance.

Specialized Team

Our technical team has extensive experience in managing Procurement and Supply Chain for renewable energy projects globally.

We collaborate with our clients to ensure efficient, safe, and predictable delivery and operation. Our management tools are proven effective in supplier management.


Our Services - in all phases
of the project



The impacts of factors related to Procurement and Supply Chain in the early stages of a renewable project are often underestimated. Decisions during this phase can significantly influence revenues and costs during the execution and operation phases. That's why Aquilon offers all our expertise to collaborate in the management from the project's early steps, with a global network and technical expertise.



During the execution phase, the Procurement and Supply Chain stages reach their peak workload, with various decisions and actions being taken simultaneously regarding negotiation, contracting, manufacturing, and transportation of components, factory assembly, and field installation. We assist our clients in managing these tasks in a pragmatic and objective manner, always aiming for cost optimization.



With the conclusion of the project, the operational phase begins, which will extend for years or decades, involving revenue generation and a significant portion of Opex costs. These activities require careful planning in the search, selection, and contracting of spare parts suppliers and associated services, as well as the execution of logistical planning with excellence.

Spare parts and repair solutions

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