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Engineering and Quality

Due Diligence, Inspection, Audits and Tests

With a presence throughout the value chain, Aquilon is equipped to provide specialized technical support to clients in diligence activities, technical inspections, process audits, and testing on all components comprising wind turbines and photovoltaic solar systems, covering mechanical, hydraulic, and electrical specialties.

Blade and Composite Engineering

Working in partnership with global engineering firms, Aquilon offers engineering services for blades and other components manufactured in composite materials (fiberglass and/or carbon fiber). Our expertise includes manufacturing, repairs, handling, and transportation, optimizing the strategic management of these components.

Renewable Energy Consulting

The complexity of the value chain demands innovative solutions aimed at increasing efficiency and competitiveness within the renewable energy industry.

Our consulting services encompass value chain mapping, cost reduction projects, feasibility studies, and technical support in arbitration processes.

Engineering and Quality

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